Clarity, Comfort and Durability


SmartBuyGlasses offers groundbreaking durability, pristine clarity and perfect vision - all in the same lenses. Arise Clarity HD prescription lenses are made for the everyday wearer, but also offer advanced protection making them suitable for any adventure.


Simply choose any frames you like, enter your prescription and select Arise Collective for your lens type. Let's get started!



Designed to perform


Arise Clarity HD Collection offers the best options for ordering precription lenses online. When it comes to buying prescription glasses online SmartBuyGlasses has you covered - with a wide selection of frames at competitive prices, now paired with premium lenses. When it comes to your vision, there is no need to comprimize.


Our lenses are suitable for all vision impairments and can be customized for your every need. Whether you need reading glasses, driving glasses or prescription glasses for astigmatism, myopia or presbyopia - Arise HD lenses are fitted to your prescription and all purposes.




Advanced Lens Protection


Arise Clarity HD Lens Collection comes packed with protective elements to provide you with an unbeatable pair of prescription glasses. From scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings to UV 400 and superhydrophobic protection - these lenses are guaranteed to keep your eyes comfortable in any situation.


The lenses are also aspheric, making them thinner and lighter than many other prescription lenses. These high performing, durable lenses feature an innovative lens technology that provides optimal clarity and comfort in the urban jungle.






Designed to protect


Arise Clarity prescription lenses are designed to protect your eyes. Which is why every lens index comes with these lens quailities. These lenses are light-weight, thin and durable and recommended for both single-vision and multi-vision prescription needs. Higher prescriptions require higher index and when you order prescription glasses from SmartBuyGlasses, the appropriate lens option for your visual needs will be recommended to you. 


When you order prescription glasses online, quality is key. You will be wearing your glasses daily and should not have to choose between performance and protection. Therefore, Arise Clarity HD lenses are the optimal composite of both. 




Get your Arise Clarity HD Lenses today!


Arise Clarity HD Lens Collection has been developed by certified opticians, using the latest innovations within lens technology and lens materials to assure the wearer that these lenses won't compromise either comfort or clarity. The durability and protection that these lenses offer will keep your eyes at ease.


The lenses are compatible with any frames from SmartBuyGlasses' wide selection of designer brands. Find your frames today and choose Arise Collective for your prescription lenses to experience optimized protection and visual clarity in any conditions. Only the best is good enough.