Computer Lenses


The average adult spends over 12 hours a day in front of their digital screens, and such long exposure can cause blurred vision and digital eye-strain, which are symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). Our digital blue block lenses are designed to protect your vision from harmful blue light emitted from digital screens using the latest UV420 digital blue block technology.





Digital Screen Lens coating


Our single lens options help to alleviate computer vision syndrome (CVS), which typically includes eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue and neck or back pain resulting from working in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time. Our Blue Blocking Lenses can also improve your sleep!

Remember to take breaks for every 20 minutes spent staring at a screen by looking into the distance for around 20 seconds. 




About our coating

Our digital blue blocking lenses are created with the latest UV420 blue blocking technology.


UV420 = SmartBuyGlasses sells this lens with our latest blue blocking technology included as part of the lens material.



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