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    Clip on Glasses

    The eyewear industry has made some pretty cool advancements! If you wear prescription glasses, but also enjoy a lovely day out in the sun, then clip-on glasses are perfect for you! 


    Have you ever worn your eyeglasses on a sunny day and had to change to pair of prescription sunglasses? It can be a little annoying to continuously change from your glasses to your sunglasses, especially if you have refractive errors such as myopia or hyperopia


    Clip-on sunglasses over prescription glasses can help solve this! With our SmartBuy Collection clip-ons, you can choose affordable 5-in-1 eyewear in all frame styles and lens colours. 


    You may not need two pairs of prescription glasses to enjoy the day, so why not find out what clip-on glasses are and if they are right for you. 


    What are clip-on glasses?

    Clip-on glasses are prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses that allow you to use sunglasses over your frames. A small magnet in the sunglasses’ frame seamlessly clips to your glasses. 


    The main difference between a standard pair of sunglasses and clip-on sunglasses is that the latter does not have temples - it’s just the front part of the frame.  


    But all the main functions remain the same: 


    1. Clip-on glasses help correct your eyesight with any prescription, even progressive lenses

    2. The clip-on sunglasses have UV protection


    There are different types of clip-on sunglasses that you can put over your prescription glasses


    • Magnetic clip-ons

    • Standard clip-ons

    • Flip-up clip-ons


    So, depending on your preference, you can choose which type of clip-on glasses you want to combine with your sunglasses. At SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find what you love through great pairs of clip-on glasses that the whole family can enjoy! 


    But are you wondering if the magnetic clip-on glasses are safe to wear? Let’s find out!


    Are magnetic clip-on glasses safe?

    There is no straightforward answer to whether or not magnetic clip-on glasses are safe. Nevertheless, there are no negative facts that indicate they’re harmful to our health. 


    The magnet in the frame is very small and should not cause any damage. 


    However, you should choose to protect your eyesight with quality lenses and coatings


    • Blue light clip-on glasses help protect your eyes from harmful blue light both in and out of the office

    • You can also add  extra lens coatings such as anti-scratch coatings to clip-ons

    • Clip-on sunglasses for glasses can have diverse lens tints with quality UV protection such as mirrored lenses


    So, have a look through our range our SmartBuy Collection and well-known designer brands such as Emporio Armani

    If clip-on glasses sounds just right for you, give them a try and get everyday eyewear for less by getting a 2-in-1 pair of glasses and sunglasses!