Square Face Shape


How to tell if you have a square face shape?

You have a well-defined face with a wide forehead, strong cheekbones, jawline and chin. Your most prominent feature is mostly likely your prominent jawline.  
Glasses for square shaped faces
Glasses that are round would be a great contrast and thinner frames would be better suited to you. All the curves would help soften your features and compliment your natural features. We recommend round and oval frames.




Best Frames for you




Oval frames are the perfect accessory for pretty much any occasion. Whether you're going for the socialite look, or just heading out to run a few errands - you will look amazing! These are the frames that give off a naturally stylish look with very little effort needed. Take it easy, and let these sunglasses do all the work for you. 


Round sunglasses are basically John Lennon-esque sunglasses. No matter how big or small your round frames are, they look exactly how you'd imagine they would look - chilled and centered. After choosing this frame, you will soon realize that being cool and collected is your best look, naturally. 

    Aviator / Pilot

Aviator sunglasses will always be on-trend. They look best when worn during the summer months and add a touch of cool to any outfit for any given occasion. Ray-Ban Aviator frames also come in hologram-like mirror lenses that shift in color at every single angle. Tie your look together in a pair of these Aviator's now!

Best Sunglasses for Square Shaped Faces

Best Eyeglasses for Square Shaped Faces