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Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Night Driving?

By now, the importance of wearing blue light glasses when using technology is quite well-known. They help filter out the harmful blue light rays emitted from digital screens. With benefits like reduced digital eye strain, less headaches and better sleep, what more could you ask for? But, with so much focus on how they work with digital screens, we tend to forget or surpass the other benefits of blue light glasses. 


Driving at night can sometimes be stressful. With dimmed lighting and bright headlights combined with the traffic or bad weather, it’s no wonder some people avoid driving at night. But what if a simple pair of blue light glasses could help reduce some of this worry and pain? Luckily, as headlights and most street lights are now made with LED lights, blue light filtering glasses can work magic when you’re driving at night.


Do blue light glasses help with headlights?

The lens tint on blue light glasses helps to block and filter out the blue from both digital screens and LED lights. When driving at night, bright headlights in low light can result in high levels of glare. Blue light is more likely to induce glare when it enters the eyes since it has the shortest wavelength and greatest intensity. This, of course, can make driving at night quite dangerous, especially for those with vision issues. The tint of the lenses lessens glare by diffusing the blue light from headlights and other sources. While plano lenses with blue light tints won’t correct your vision, they can help with focus and glare.


So, when wearing a pair of blue light glasses while driving at night, not only will you get the benefits we mentioned above, but you’ll also experience less glare and more focused vision. With all of these factors combined, you can feel more confident when driving at night and lessen the dangers to yourself and those around you. 


Tips on how to improve your vision while driving at night 

It’s safe to say that blue light glasses can definitely help when driving at night. However, if you have serious vision needs, you’ll definitely also need prescription lenses to correct your vision. Luckily, when buying online from SmartBuyGlasses, you can simply add blue light-blocking tints to your prescription glasses to have both clear vision and the positive effect of blue light glasses. 


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