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What are Plano Lenses?

You might as well hop on the wagon with glasses wearers. Why you may ask? Glasses have many benefits even if you have perfect vision. That’s why we are going to uncover what plano lenses are and why you, with 20/20 vision, may want to grab yourself a pair.

You’ll see that plano lenses have perks that are great for the workplace, sports, and even Hollywood!

What are plano lenses?

Not all glasses require prescription lenses and when this occurs specs can be fitted with 2 types of non-prescription lenses: demo or plano lenses. 

Plano lenses do not have any value power, therefore they do not help correct your vision. In the eyewear industry, plano-convex lenses are flat and do not refract or focus light through the lens. So if you have blurry vision, see double, or can’t read the words right in front of you then plano lenses aren’t going to help.

You can always have an eye test to find out if you do not require any prescription to correct your vision. If so, your prescription will indicate the need for plano lenses by using plano, PL, or 0.00 under sphere (SPH).


Another type of non-prescription is demo lenses and they are mainly used for demonstration purposes, like glasses displays in retail stores or sometimes online. Demo lenses help you understand what the glasses or sunglasses look like before you purchase them.

Plano vs Demo lenses

Plano and demo lenses are not the same and should not be confused. Plano lenses are often made from CR39 lens material and are thicker than demo lenses. In addition to this, extra protective lens coatings can be added to plano lenses that can’t be added to demo lenses, like the following:


• Anti-scratch coating

Blue light filter

• Tinted lens coatings


Demo lenses are thinner, do not have any additional lens coatings, and sometimes also have printed brand labels on the lens. They are like a simulation of what the glasses can look like.

Why wear plano lenses? 

The various reasons why you’d want or need to wear plano lenses are:


1. Aesthetic reasons. This can fall into wanting to simply change up your look, make a fashion statement, or even if you are next in line to play the iconic Clark Kent. Yes, even actors can use plano lenses for cosmetic purposes only, without any vision correction

2. Safety reasons. In many workplaces, companies have to follow protective eyewear regulations to help prevent eye-related injuries. Safety glasses can help protect from hazardous elements such as chemicals. You can also protect your eyes from glare or blue light emitted from digital devices with lens coatings added to blue light glasses

3. Eye health issues. If you are blind in one eye you may benefit from protecting your eyes using plano lenses

Do you need plano lenses?

If you are looking for eyewear for any of the reasons mentioned previously then you may need plano lenses. 

Love wearing glasses because they make you look smarter, trendy, or give your look a certain edge? Then you can wear any style of glasses or sunglasses with plano lenses and benefit from protective lens filters, like UV protection. Plano lenses in glasses can also serve as protective eyewear, whether or not you need vision correction. 

You can even find plano contact lenses. What does plano mean in contact lenses you may ask? Well, essentially plano contact lenses are the same as plano lenses in glasses, they do not help correct any visual impairments. Usually, plano-coloured contact lenses fall into this category of non-prescription contacts that people wear mostly for cosmetic purposes. 


Don’t need prescription glasses but still want to benefit from the trends, styles, and protective lens coatings that eyeglasses and sunglasses provide?

Plano lenses are what you are looking for. Eyewear with plano lenses does not have any power value for vision correction and can also be used as PPE (Personal protective eyewear). So whether you need to protect your eyes at work, on holiday, or simply want to look cool, you can with plano lenses. 

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So what’s your reason for rocking plano lenses?