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Everything You Need to Know About Gradient Sunglasses

Gradient Lenses

As their name suggests, the tint in gradient sunglasses recedes from top to bottom, so the top of the lenses are darkest, gradually receding until there is no tint at the bottom. Gradient lenses, therefore, offer the best of both worlds: complete clarity of vision and protection from the harmful UV rays from above. 

There are also double gradient lenses, which are tinted from both the top down and the bottom up so that the midsection is the lightest, but most people go for the more popular ‘top-down’ gradient style. Because they feature a variation in lens tints, gradient lenses handle transitions between light and dark better than a lot of other lens types, meaning that you can effortlessly move between indoors and outdoors without having to swap frames.

Gradient Sunglasses

Gradient lenses are commonly used for driving. They operate in much the same way as sun blinds do on the windshields of cars because they protect the eye from incoming, overhead sunlight while still allowing a perfect view of what is both inside and outside the vehicle. 

Gradient lenses are useful to have in a variety of other situations. If you are hiking, gradient lenses offer protection from the sun above you, while also allowing you to easily see where you are treading. Snow or water sports enthusiasts also benefit from the unique qualities of gradient lenses, although if you are looking purely to reduce glare, you may want to look at getting some polarized or mirrored lenses instead. 

For those of you looking to get some sunglasses purely for fashion and lifestyle purposes, gradient lenses offer you a compromise; a subtle, classy fashion statement without having to commit to wearing dark lenses that obscure your eyes.

Need some gradient lenses in your life now? Look no further. The two most famous sunglass styles in the world, the Ray-Ban gradient Aviator sunglasses and Ray-Ban Wayfarer, both come in a range of gradient lens versions. If you're looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, there are gradient lens sunglasses available from Balenciaga and Prada, too.

At SmartBuyGlasses we offer the full range of lens tints of all the sunglasses we sell, and you can also purchase prescription sunglasses - also with gradient lenses.

If you have any questions about gradient lenses, you can ask one of our expert opticians!