Durability, Clarity and Quality


When buying new precription glasses online quality is a key factor. Therefor, all of our lenses come packed with protective elements to protect your eyes and increase the lifespan of your glasses. The standards of Arise Clarity HD Lenses all feature durability, clarity and quality without any compromise.




The prescription lenses by Arise Clarity HD are all impact resistant to give you optimal eye protection. These lenses are typically good for kids prescription glasses or other lifestyles that require high-performance lenses for their eyewear.




Water repellent lenses, as they are also called will help the any water or mist roll right off the lens. The superhydrophobic lens coating gives the lens less friction which causes water droplets to slide off easily. If you wear glasses daily this is the perfect option for you.



UV 400


Glasses that are marked with UV 400 offer a nearly 100% protection from harmful UV-rays, includin UVA and UVB rays. All of Arise HD lenses come with UV 400 protection to ensure maximum protection and comfort for your eyes in all conditions.



The lenses are treated to have a more durable, harder surface to reduce scratches from everyday wear and tear. The anti-scratch lens coating prevents scratches from impairing your vision. 




Also known as anti-glare or AR coating increases the clarity of your vision in all conditions. The lens coating enhances the clarity by eliminating glare to maintain high definition.






In advanced optical technology, aspheric lenses are used to provide ultra thin premium lenses for your glasses - with any prescription. Technically, it means that the lens has a more complex curvature than conventional lenses, making them thinner and even.