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Goggle Glasses

If you love the outdoors and being active, then you may want to consider goggle glasses to help protect your eyes. 


Protective goggles not only protect you from hazardous elements in the work environment but also help prevent eye injuries while playing sports. 


Brands such as PRO GEAR provide adults and children with protective prescription glasses or goggles to use during sports. Safety glasses are also offered as sports sunglasses that facilitate your outdoor activities and create clearer vision. 


So, if you love getting your hands dirty but want to protect your eyesight with prescription goggles glasses, let’s see why they are important. 


What is the purpose of goggles?

You should wear protective eyewear to prevent eye-related injuries that can result in temporary or permanent eye damage. 


Here are some reasons to wear safety glasses and goggles glasses: 


1. Eye protection to avoid hazardous debris from entering your eye

2. With sports sunglasses, you can choose UV lenses to block harmful rays 

3. Goggles help prevent eye injuries while playing sports


What’s the difference between goggles and glasses?

While prescription glasses can help protect your eyes from the sun or blue light, we primarily use them to correct refractive errors, with options such as single vision or progressive lenses. Glasses are worn daily to help correct blurry or distorted vision. 


If you feel that your eyesight could use more clarity, go to your local optician for an eye test. An eye doctor or optician can help determine if you need glasses and will sort out your prescription. 


You wouldn’t use standard glasses in a lab surrounded by hazardous chemicals. Rather, you would want more protection with goggles and specific safety glasses.


Goggles glasses shield from external factors that may damage the eye or block your vision during more risky activities. Goggles can be larger than glasses to provide full eye coverage, such as ski goggles, or can be more regular size, such as swimming goggles


In their own way, every type of eyewear, including sunglasses, help enhance your eyesight and protect your eyes. 


Can you wear glasses under goggles?

In short, yes. There are many certified safety glasses and goggles that allow you to wear your prescription glasses at the same time.


Make sure your goggles are the right size to wear comfortably over your regular glasses. If you are more in and out of a hazardous environment, this may be a more suitable solution than buying prescription safety glasses.  


Even if you simply want to enjoy a day out in the snow, you can find ski goggles that will fit well over your prescription glasses


Alternatively, if the specific pair of goggles glasses you want is a regular size, you can check to see if you can get them with a prescription. 

No matter which type of goggles glasses you need, at SmartBuyGlasses, finding the best eyewear is always easy and fun. Explore a wide range of frames, lenses, and coatings to protect your eyesight during every activity.