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Can I Get Contacts With a Low Prescription?

People with all prescription types use contacts because they have multiple advantages. Contact lenses adhere to the shape of the eye to allow a wider field of vision and cause less vision distortions and obstacles than prescription glasses.


When it comes to sports and exercise, contact lenses don't get in the way. Weather doesn't usually affect contacts, and the lenses don’t fog up in cold weather. Contact lenses are also less obstructive than glasses and don’t interfere with safety equipment such as helmets, hats, or goggles.


With the steady rise in the popularity of contact lenses, wearers of low prescription glasses have also opted for wearing lower prescription contacts. Contact lenses are now made with nearly any lens power, so you can wear them with a prescription as low as -0.25/+0.25.


Is contact lens power the same as glasses?


As both glasses and contact lenses are useful visual aids to help you see well and comfortably, many people believe that they also have a comparable prescription. However, this is not the case. 


Contact lenses and glasses are made from different materials which cause them to refract light differently. Generally, contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, which keeps them moist and allows more oxygen to pass through to your eyes.


While glasses rest about 12 mm away from the eyes, you wear contacts directly on your eyes. As a result, each requires distinct eye examinations and measurements. Due to these differences, the components of the prescription for eyeglasses and contacts are not the same.

How low do contact prescriptions go?

The greater the myopia, the higher the number after the minus sign. For example, if your sphere is -0.25 your vision will barely be affected. Contrarily, if your prescription begins at -5.00 you will most certainly struggle to see at a distance without glasses. Thanks to new sophisticated production techniques,  eye doctors can now provide clients with contact lenses with the lowest prescription., which can be as low as -0.25/+0.25.


Many glasses-wearers with minimal correction will neglect to wear their glasses because of inconvenience. Wearing lower prescription contacts is a great alternative to wearing glasses for those with a low prescription for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia.


Is it bad to wear lower prescription contacts?

Wearing lower prescription contacts is not bad or harmful for your eyes. However, it is important not to wear contact lenses with a lower prescription than you need. Wearing contacts that are lower than your prescription will not harm your eyes permanently, but it will create discomfort. It can also lead to problems such as blurred vision, eye strain, and headaches.


While it is now possible to get contacts with a low prescription, there may be other reasons that your eyes are not compatible with contact lenses. Dry eye syndrome or a susceptibility to sensitive eyes could cause problems. 


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