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Crazed Lenses

If you notice tiny cracks on your glasses’ lenses, the anti-reflective coating (AR coating) has probably begun to craze. Crazing is a web of tiny cracks that can appear on the lenses of eyeglasses which have an anti-reflective coating. When crazing or lens cloudiness occurs, your glasses become less effective as your field of vision may appear blurry.

What is crazing on my eyeglasses lenses?

Lens crazing is the spider web of fine cracks that can occur when your glasses' special lens coatings are damaged by improper care or exposure to extreme temperatures. Anti-reflective lenses and polarised lenses have a lot of benefits. These coated lenses block glare and reflections, ease eye strain and improve vision. It is important to note that while these lenses are an excellent option for many, the coatings are susceptible to crazing, requiring proper care to prevent it.