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When Should You Consider Getting Single Vision Lenses?

single vision lenses

What are single vision lenses and how do they work?

Single vision lenses are designed to correct the results of an error in your eye refractive power. They work by having a single lens power across the whole surface of your lenses. This allows the focus to be distributed evenly with light rays hitting the retina at the correct points, ensuring that your vision is clear.

For younger glasses wearers, single vision lenses will provide visual acuity for nearsightedness and farsightedness. However, if you develop presbyopia due to aging reasons, you will probably need glasses for both long and short distances. This means either two pairs of glasses with single vision lenses (for near or far distances) or multi-focal lenses.

Single lenses are traditionally made with lenses that have a constant curvature across the interior surface which renders peripheral vision virtually impossible. Luckily, aspheric single vision lenses have also been introduced and these have the added benefit of reducing distortion in peripheral vision.

When do you need single vision lenses?

Single vision lenses are used for activities including reading and driving when you need to improve your near or long distance vision. It is incredibly important that your vision is clear, especially while driving. If you start to feel that your vision is blurry, then it may be time to consider single vision lenses or contact lenses. Consult a specialist for an official diagnosis. 

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