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Thin glasses frames - figuring out if they’re right for you

Thin frame glasses

Are you a person who is fed up with wearing bulky glasses that feel too heavy and clunky on your face? Stop compromising, and start stylizing. There is a massive selection of glasses frames styles to choose from and there is something for everybody! Thin frame glasses are ideal for those of you to whom the opening question applies. The key is understanding what type of glasses frames best compliment your style and look. Keep reading if you want to know if thin frame eyeglasses are a match for you.


Glasses with thin frames

Glasses with thin frames have multiple advantages that you can take into consideration when making a judgment on the frame style. Perhaps the most appealing of the benefits is comfort. The less your glasses weigh, the less you take notice of them. Although that statement may seem like pointing out the obvious, it is a valid claim of thin frame eyeglasses, and not only does that make them less bothersome to wear, but can also result in you wearing them more often and giving your eyes the help they are designed to provide.


Every glasses wearer has experienced the frustration of removing your eyewear, only to be left with an imprint across the bridge of your nose, courtesy of the nose pads. Well, with thin glasses frames you can revel in the knowledge that thanks to the lighter weight, you are much less likely to experience this issue. The minimal force at the points of contact between your face and glasses can make a big difference over a whole day of wearing your specs.



Not only can thin-framed glasses fit more comfortably, but they can also fit more snugly. In other words, they allow you to achieve a closer fit. The combination of a closer fit, coupled with the slight design of thin frame eyeglasses, eradicates the recurring problem of glasses sliding down your nose and off of your face. Even those with historically thick lenses can get in on the action. Thanks to advancements in the technology involved in glasses production, it is far easier to find lenses that fit your strong prescription needs and still offer the sleek thin lenses, allowing you to select thin glasses frames, like those offered by Rodenstock, to match.


Thin frame eyeglasses - who do they suit?

All of the benefits and ranges of thin frame eyeglasses are great, but understandably, you choose your glasses not just based on function alone, but on what looks good too. After all, you will spend a lot of time wearing them, so you want them to compliment you and your look. If you prefer to go for a bold look and think thin frame eyeglasses don't have the same impact as thick frames, try experimenting with thin frames in striking colours to attain a similarly bold look.


Determining which face shape you have is very useful to help you narrow down the types of glasses frames you should be considering. Oval, square, round, and heart… all of these face shapes have matching and contrasting styles that you need to know about. You can use our convenient face shape guide to see which category you fall into, as well as some excellent tips for each face type.


What are the lightest weight eyeglass frames?

Frame design has come a long way in recent years, and the types of frames now available were not even an option in the past. Nowadays, lightweight and thin glasses frames are available in multiple materials and you can choose the one that is best for you and your way of life. 


Stainless steel frames for example are not only lightweight but also durable, very strong, non-corrosive, and tend to be less expensive than some other popular metal materials such as aluminium.


Flexon, a titanium alloy, is a fantastic lightweight material that is very flexible and becoming a popular option for those with an active lifestyle thanks to its ability to return to its original shape after being bent and twisted. If you are somebody that has problems with bending and snapping your glasses, Flexon glasses could be a great match for you.


Titanium in general has developed into one of the most desirable materials for all types of items and it fits especially well with thin glasses frames. It boasts several ideal features outside of the minimal weight. Titanium is very strong, resistant to corrosion, and is sure to last the test of time. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it will not irritate the skin even for those with the most sensitive skin. 


Are titanium glasses frames worth it?

Despite all the indicators that titanium frames have numerous perks, you would be forgiven for hesitating to spend more money if you are used to the lower cost of plastic frames for example. You are left with the question ‘are titanium frames worth it?’. The truth is that they will not be worth it for everyone. However, those who seek the kind of features titanium frames provide can see the value and rest assured that they are getting thin-framed glasses that meet the requirements they have day to day, and most importantly, last. 

From styles to face shapes and materials, now you have all the information you need to figure out if thin frame glasses are right for you. If you want that last added bit of confirmation that they are correct for you, you can try out our invaluable virtual try-on tool to see if thin frame glasses suit your face shape.