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Should I Wear Blue Light Glasses When Watching TV and Using My Phone?

By now, with all the hype surrounding blue light glasses, we should all know the benefits of wearing them. Thanks to their lenses, they can help to reduce things like headaches and allow you to sleep better at night. But, with an overload of information surrounding blue light-blocking glasses, do we really know when we should be using them?


Should I wear blue light glasses when watching TV?

Whether you watch TV during the day or at night, it’s important to ensure we protect our eyes in the best way possible. When watching TV for long and short periods, we are subjected to our favourite shows, movies and the high levels of blue light waves emitted from our TV screens. If you find that after binging your favourite series, your eyes feel fatigued, a pair of blue light glasses are something you should consider buying.  


zFORT® lenses can limit the penetration of blue light wavelengths between 380nm and 500nm. These lenses provide a fort-like barrier to your eyes and reduce the painful symptoms of one of our favourite pastimes. The best thing about these innovative lenses is that they can be added to your prescription glasses. So if you need prescription lenses while watching TV from afar, you can benefit from clear vision and keep your eyes healthy with blue light-blocking lenses. 


Do blue light glasses work for phones?

Over 65% of the world's population use mobile phones and spend an average of 5 to 6 hours on them daily. Like TVs, our mobile phones emit the same blue light wavelength that can damage our eyes. When using our mobile phones, we are typically much closer to our screens, and with constant eye stimulation and the damaging blue light rays, serious eye damage can occur. Whether a quick text or scrolling endlessly through social media, blue light glasses should always be worn when using our phones. Our eye health is important to take seriously, so if you want to prevent your eyes from fatigue and ageing, blue light lenses are your best bet. 


Blue light glasses and digital screens 

Our eyes are a vital organ we sometimes forget to take seriously. So, the answer to these questions: should you wear blue light glasses while watching TV and do blue light glasses work for phones is a resounding yes. But, if you want to improve your eye care and reduce your risk of serious damage, blue light glasses are a great affordable option for everyone. To learn more about how blue light glasses can help with digital eye strain, check out our Optical Centre articles and become an expert.